Advertising, Digital

SWG Global is a supplier of cutting-edge technology that works within the Freight & Logistics industry. Their solutions corrects the past, controls the present and looks into the future, to optimise global supply chain performance, eradicate errors and slash freight budgets.

Our first job was to produce an animated banner ad (see below) to go on theloadstar.co.uk (The Loadstar is an award winning multimodal online news resource for the logistics industry).  This linked to a landing page swg.global/swg-global. which we designed and developed to include a data collection form.

We have just completed an Incoterms infographic for print and online that outlines risks and compliance issues. Data has been put together in a collaboration between various companies including SWG, CILT, BIFA, CIPS, Green Element, HFW and TT Club. Rolph & Floyd designed and illustrated all elements and developed an interactive online version swg.global/incoterms.

Client: SWG Global Tasks: Print | Digital | Infographic Website: http://www.swg.global