So it’s that time of year again when all the big retailers fight to be top dog in the much-hyped Christmas ad. Big budgets, big names and top creativity is all employed to entice us to buy our free-range feathered turkey and great aunt Bee’s lavender cushion from their best advertised stores. Here you can see a short and sweet history of the Christmas ad…….

Woolworths 1983
Who can forget the Woolworth’s cheesy christmas ads! A forerunner in the dancing celebs genre showcasing the retailers best Christmas offers . Unsophisticated; This one is from Christmas way back in 1983 when Joe Brown rolled up as the top-hatted ringmaster of, ‘the latest, greatest, ever more spectacular Woolworths Christmas show!’ along with other TV personalities (they were well-known then I think!). I’m far too young to remember 🙂 Hysterical……

Apple iPhone 2013
Agency  TBWA
This lesser know ad for iPhone is all about the family at Christmas; A common theme used to engender emotion and recall. It’s heart warming and has the unexpected ending – another useful and much-used method for making the message memorable. Shown in the US, not sure it graced our screen here in the UK. Slightly disappointing for Apple – Apple advertising has become iconic – this falls outside of their usual stylish, less is more, ultra-polished style.

Sainsbury’s 2014
Agency: AMV BBDO
Last year we had the beautifully crafter Sainsbury’s ad ‘Christmas is for sharing’. In partnership with The Royal British Legion it commemorates an extraordinary event which took place during the First World War, one hundred years ago, the Christmas Truce. I fell in love with this ad when it was first shown, more of a mini-movie than an ad. It was head and shoulders above the usual, outstripping the John Lewis 2014 offering Monty the penguin. Epic!

Burberry 2015
In-keeping with the star-studded showcasing the retailers products, The Burberry festive film is inspired by the magic of a British cinematic classic Billy Elliot. Starring a cast of British actors, models and musicians: Sir Elton John, Julie Walters, Romeo Beckham, James Bay, George Ezra, Michelle Dockery, James Corden, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love this one mainly for the music Cosmic Dancer by T Rex, and the fun visuals of the stars bouncing on an out-of-shot trampoline…… cool!

Aldi 2015
Agency: McCann Manchester
A delightful parody of the much acclaimed John Lewis Man in the Moon. Always trust Aldi to do something humorous and on trend. Their old gentleman is soon cheered up when he’s joined by Jean Jones, who first featured in the discounter’s ads in 2011. They also manage a price dig comparing their cheaper telescope to that of the more expensive at John Lewis. Truly splendid advertising – inspired!

House of Fraser 2015
Agency: 18 Feet & Rising
This year House of Fraser have decided to rebel. Called ‘Your Christmas Your Rules’, it gives an almost anti-christmas message to the festive norm about challenging tradition and banishing the bland. The hip hop, vibrant dance style is set to the track ‘You Don’t Own Me’, sung by artist Grace, featuring G-Eazy. It is choreographed by Parris Goebel, who has worked recently on Justin Bieber’s new music video. It’s catchy and vibrant – a refreshing departure to everything else out there. Good on HOF for their bravery!